Minutes of 2nd VMC dated : 24/11/2009


With an optimistic approach of the Chairman and other members of VMC, the 2nd VMC meeting of Kendriya Vidyalaya Barkuhi was held on 24/11/2009. the meeting was presided over by Shri Jeetendra Tiwari, GM, WCL (Pench Area) and the Chairman, VMC, KV Barkuhi. Different issues related to the students, school infrastructure, financial exigencies and employees’ welfare were presented before the committee and the under mentioned decisions were taken by the committee.


1.       Handing over of newly constructed classrooms: It was decided that the five new rooms which have already been constructed shall be handed over to the Vidyalaya latest by 26/11/2009.


2.       Repairing of toilets: The Chairman assured that the repairing work of toilets shall be done within three months. But, after the Principal insisted on the necessity for completion of this work at the earliest, the Chairman agreed to start the work within 15 days.


3.       Repairing and cleaning of water supply pipe lines: The problem of frequent blockage of aqua guard due to the rusting of main water supply pipe line was pointed out. For eradication of this problem, Shri Tiwari asked Mr J Dasgupta, SO (C), WCL to arrange for cleaning and repairing of pipe lines on priority basis.


4.       White wash of school building: To give Vidyalaya an elegant look, the Chairman agreed for white washing of the school building from outside. As classes are running now, the white wash of class rooms shall be done later on.


5.       Installation of Vapour/ Halogen light in Vidyalaya premises: In this regard, GM (Pench Area) asked Mr Dasgupta to depute Mr Chawla for installation of lights in the school premises.


6.       Medical facility to the KV employees: The Chairman assured that as per agreement, medical facility shall be provided to the employees and they will also be given medicines from the WCL Hospital.


7.       Payment of due 60% arrear as per 6th Pay Revision: Shri Tiwari stated that the due amount shall be paid to all employees before 31st March 2010.


8.       Construction of additional (Three) rooms for the new course ‘Hospitality Management’: The committee expressed its opinion to take the matter into consideration during next academic session i.e. 2010-2011.


The meeting continued for 2 hours and came to an end with a note of optimism and determination for glorifying the name of the Vidyalaya in terms of education.